Sound Settings

The images displayed on this system may differ from actual ones.

Move to sound setting screen

Press [Setup] > [Sound] on the HOME screen. Sound Settings screen is displayed.


Adjusting the sound effect (If equipped)

Press the sound effect button on the media/broadcasting screen to adjust.



  • However, this function is not provided in the sound settings.
  • Sound effect can be set separately for each media/broadcasting mode.
  • Phone projection/video streaming is linked with the BT sound effect settings.

Description of sound effect modes by the specification.

QuantumLogic Surround (If equipped)

Delivers various sound effects by classifying the location of each instrument in the recorded sound source.



You can set whether to output the beep that occurs every time you touch the screen.

  1. Press [Beep] on Sound Settings Screen.


  1. When checked square boxes in the [Beep], beep sound can be set. When reselected [Beep], the setting is disabled.

Premium Sound (Option)

  1. Press [Premium Sound] on Sound Settings Screen.


  1. Select the desired item.


  1. Press [Position] on Sound Settings Screen.


  1. Adjust position.


  • You can adjust sound location toward driver seat so that sound at the back seat or side seat becomes relatively smaller.
  • In front seats screen, you can touch and drag the point in position screen to adjust position.

Sound Tune

  1. In Sound screen, press [Sound Tune].


  1. Adjust the desired sound quality.


When you select [Center], all of Treble sound, Midrange sound, and Bass sound bars move to the center.


You can set Navigation guide sound and audio volume rate.

  1. In Sound screen, press [Guidance].


  1. Press the desired priority item.

System Volumes

  1. In Sound setting screen, press [System Volumes].


  1. Set the desired item.


If you press [Default], you can initialize system volumes's Ringtone, Voice Recognition, Message and Navigation.

Active Sound Design (SPORT mode)

  1. Press [Active Sound Design (SPORT mode)] on Sound Settings Screen.


  1. Press the desired mode.


This function may not be supported depending on the vehicle's option.

FM Radio Noise Control

  1. Press [FM Radio Noise Control] on Sound Settings Screen.


  1. Press the desired mode.

Resets sound Settings

You can initialize all user designated sound related setting values.

  1. In Sound screen, press [Reset].


  1. To reset all sound related settings, press [Yes].

If you do not want to reset sound setting status, press [No].