Activating DMB

Regarding DMB Broadcasting Reception

Terrestrial (VHF) DMB is a broadcasting service for mobile media.

Depending on the area, the reception condition may differ. However, for the safety, the video is not available while only the audio is played.

When receiving a DMB channel, the strength of wave may differ depending on the reception area or the reception can be degraded due to interferences. Therefore, if the reception is degraded, search the channel again by [Channel Search] menu. The video can be degraded or the reception may fail especially in following areas:


  • DMB TV reception may fail due to the local programing schedule, the station circumstance or the wave environment. And the program may change due to the broadcasting transmission type change. This receiver can receive DMB TV signals and supports data services (KBS TPEG) as well.
  • The screen automatically changes according to the mode corresponding to the selected DMB TV channel.
  • The mode of DMB TV is not separately controlled, yet, is determined according to the transmission format of the station.

Activating DMB Mode

Press [HOME] button on the Front Seat Control Key or [HI_HOME_Q1.png] and then press [DMB].


  • For the safety, the DMB video is supported only when the gear is at P position.
  • For the safety, the Video is not supported and other partial features are restricted while the vehicle is in driving condition. However, the audio is played.
  • Even when the vehicle stops, if the gear is not in P position (or AUTO HOLD is OFF), the video is not supported.
  • In case of the system including the rear display (option), Watching DMB TV during driving at the rear display is available.

DMB Mode Screen Composition



1 HI_HOME_Q1.png

Moves to HOME Screen.

2 Mode Display

Shows the mode currently in play.

3 DMB Channel List

Displays the list of saved channels.

4 DMB Display Screen

Displays the video currently in play.

5 O

DMB video is displayed on the entire screen.

6 Menu

Shows DMB Menu.

7 g

Moves to HOME Screen or the previous screen.

8 Move Channel List

Automatically moves receivable channels.

Edit Channel List

The screen to edit the channel list is displayed.

Channel Search

Automatically searches receivable channels.

Emergency Info

Displays the list of Emergency Broadcastings.

Full Screen

DMB video is displayed on the entire screen.

Display Settings

Moves to Display Setting Screen.

Sound Settings

Moves to Sound Setting Screen.

DMB Certification Information

Shows the DMB Certificate Number.

Web Manual

Displays the QR code for the manual of corresponding function.

Split Screen

Moves to Split Screen Menu.

Initial Channel Search Method (If no searched channel or After the factory release)

Searches channels if DMB TV is watched for the first time or no channel has been registered.

  1. Press [DMB] on the HOME Screen. Initial Channel Search Screen opens.


  1. Press [Yes]. To cancel Initial Channel Search, press [No].
  2. While searching for receivable channels, the following screen opens.


To cancel Channel Search, press [Stop].


During Initial Channel Search, if the channel search is canceled, switches to the previous AV.

  1. When Channel Search is completed, the first searched channel is automatically received.



Searching Broadcasting Channels

If no broadcasting is available in a new area, the corresponding broadcastings in the area will be available by searching channels.

  1. Press [Menu] > [Channel Search] in DMB Mode.
  2. While searching for receivable channels, the following screen opens.


Selecting [Stop] during channel search stops searching for channels and the channel previously watched will be played.

  1. When Channel Search is completed, the first searched channel is automatically received.


Selecting a Broadcasting Channel

Selecting by Screen Touch (Only Available on Front Screen)

Drag DMB Channel List Up/Down and press a desired broadcasting channel.


Selecting by using the Button on AVN keyboard

Turn “TUNE/FILE” knob on AVN keyboard to left/right or press [A SEEK D] button to select a desired broadcasting channel.

Selecting by using Steering Wheel Remote Control

Press [S/W] button of Steering Wheel Remote Control to select a desired broadcasting channel.

Moving DMB Channel List

  1. You can change the channel stored in DMB channel list in the desired order. Press [Menu] > [Move Channel List] in DMB Channel List.


  1. After long press on right reorder button of one in DMB Channel List, reorder into a desired DMB Channel List.


Editing DMB Channel List

Change/Addition/Deletion of Broadcastings in DMB Channel List is available in a desired sequence.

  1. Press [Menu] > [Edit Channel List] in DMB Channel List.


  1. If the box at the left in DMB Channel List is checked, it is specified in DMB Channel List. Clear the check of the left box not to specify in DMB Channel List.


Switching DMB Display Screen (DMB List Screen/DMB Full Screen)

Touching on the screen switches to DMB List Screen/DMB Full Screen.


  • Pressing [O] on DMB List Screen or Pressing [Menu] > [Full Screen] switches to DMB Full Screen.
  • The menu selection by the touch button is only available on the front screen.
  • Touch Screen Input is not supported at Rear Seat Display (option).

Emergency Broadcasting List

Emergency Broadcasting List View

May check the list of Flood, Earthquake, Heavy Rain or other Emergency Broadcastings.

  1. Select [Menu] in DMB Channel List.
  2. Press [Emergency Info].


  1. Check Emergency Broadcasting List by pressing [By Time], [By Area] or [By Priority].

Deleting Emergency Broadcasting List

  1. Press [Menu] > [Delete] in Emergency Broadcasting List.


  1. After selecting a item to delete, Press [Delete].

Display Settings

  1. Select [Menu] in DMB Channel List.
  2. Press [Display Settings].
  3. For more details, refer to the "Display Settings" part.

Sound Settings

  1. Select [Menu] > [Sound Settings] in DMB Channel List.
  2. For more details, refer to the "Sound Settings" part.