Vehicle setting

The images displayed on this system may differ from actual ones.

It sets the items to be displayed or guided on the vehicle.

Depending on the vehicle's options and the condition of the controller, some menus may not be displayed.

Move to vehicle setting screen

Press [Setup] > [Vehicle] on the HOME screen. Vehicle setting screen is displayed.


<Vehicle Settings Screen>

Drive Mode

  1. Press [Drive Mode] on Vehicle Settings Screen.


  1. Press the desired item.


Composes the optimal mode through combination of each system’s mode.





Drive Mode Change Alert

It selects change information display method in case of drive mode change.

Lateral Seat Support Enhancement

Assists for sporty driving by reinforcing the seat support.


Engine is decoupled from transmission during vehicle coasting for better fuel economy in ECO and SMART drive modes.

Active Sound Design (SPORT Mode)

You can set an engine sound mode.

  1. Press [Active sound design] on the vehicle settings screen.


  1. Press the desired item.

Head-Up Display

  1. Press [Head-Up Display] on Vehicle Settings Screen.


  1. Press the desired item.

Enable Head-Up Display

Setting to show the head-up display on the windshield is available.

Display Control

Controls the display height, rotation and brightness to desired values.

Content Selection

Sets the display for [Turn by Turn], [Traffic Info], [Driving Assist Info], [Blind-Spot Safety Info], [Blind-Spot Safety Info] and [Radio/Media Info].



  1. Press [Cluster] on Vehicle Settings Screen.


  1. Press the desired item.

Service Interval

Check on [Enable Service Interval] to set the service inspection period. When the period is reached, the alert is made.

Energy Consumption Reset

Select time point when average mileage is automatically initialized.

Content Selection

Select information to display on cluster.

Welcome Sound

An audio alert is made when the cluster display is on or off.


  1. Press [Climate] on Vehicle Settings Screen.


  1. Press the desired item.

Smart Ventilation

When humidity and carbon dioxide levels inside the car increase while climate control is

turned off, air is automatically expelled to maintain a comfortable environment.

Auto Defog

The air conditioner is automatically operated to create a flow of air to clear the


Activate Carbon Dioxide Monitor

Controls carbon dioxide concentration in the vehicle, improving freshness.


  1. Press [Lights] on Vehicle Settings Screen.


  1. Press the desired item.

Ambient Light

Sets the interior mood lighting.

One Touch Turn Signal

Select the number of blinks of turn signal by touching the turn signal lever. Select [3 flashes]/[5 flashes]/[7 flashes]/[Off].

Headlight Delay

When the engine is turned off, the rearr and head lights stay on for about 15 seconds.

Intelligent High Beams

Select the vehicle speed at which the feature activates, or set to disable the feature. Select

[Faster than 60 km/h]/[Faster than 40 km/h]/[Faster than 20 km/h]/[Off].


  1. Press [Door/Trunk] on Vehicle Settings Screen.


  1. Press the desired item.

Auto Lock

Select the timing for automatic locking all doors. Select [Enable on Speed]/[Enable on Shift]/[Off].

Auto Unlock

Select the timing for automatic unlocking all doors. Select [Vehicle Off]/[On Shift to P]/[Off].

2 Press Unlock

Press door unlock button of the key to unlock all doors.

Power Trunk opening Height

Select the opening height of the power trunk. Select [100%]/[50%].

Smart Trunk

The trunk automatically opens when the driver approaches with the smart key.


  1. Press [Convenience] on Vehicle Settings Screen.


  1. Press the desired item.

Seat Position Change Alert

When the seat position changes, the change information is displayed on the seat image.

Smart Posture Care

The smart posture care suggests driving postures based on body type and displays the results of clinical testing on the back.

Heated /Ventilated Features

Seat/Steering Wheel

Welcome Mirror/Light

You can set Welcome function in case of door unlock or driver approach.

Wireless Charging System

Charges a mobile phone supporting wireless charging without cable connection.

Recirculation Mode Plus

Uses navigation information to automatically adjust windows and climate controls to prevent unpleasant gases and odors from entering the vehicle at known locations.