Vehicle setting

The images displayed on this system may differ from actual ones.

It sets the items to be displayed or guided on the vehicle.

Depending on the vehicle's options and the condition of the controller, some menus may not be displayed.

Move to vehicle setting screen

Press [Setup] > [Vehicle] on the home screen. Vehicle setting screen is displayed.


Drive Mode

  1. Press [Drive Mode] on the vehicle settings screen.


  1. Press the desired item.


Composes the optimal mode through combination of each system’s mode.





Drive Mode Change Alert

It selects change information display method in case of drive mode change.

Brake Mode


Engine is decoupled from transmission during vehicle coasting for better fuel economy in ECO drive modes.

Active sound design

You can set an engine sound mode.

  1. Press [Active sound design] on the vehicle settings screen.


  1. Press the desired item.

Head-Up Display

  1. Press [Head-Up Display] on the vehicle settings screen.


  1. Press the desired item.

Enable Head-Up Display

Setting to show the head-up display on the windshield is available.

Display Control

Controls the display height, rotation and brightness to desired values.

Content Selection

Sets the display for [Turn by Turn], [Traffic Info], [Driving Convenience Info], [Blind-Spot Safety Info] , [Radio/Media Info] and [Speedometer].


  1. Press [Cluster] on the vehicle settings screen.


  1. Press the desired item.

Theme Selection

Cluster theme is selected by the driver. Select [Theme 1]/[Theme 2]/[Theme 3].

3D Cluster Depth

Enables 3D effects for the cluster. Select [Maximum]/[Normal]/[Off].

Service Interval

Check on [Enable Service Interval] to set the service inspection period. When the period is reached, the alert is made.

Reset Fuel Economy

Selects when to reset the average fuel economy gauge. Selects [After Ignition]/[After Refueling].

Content Selection

Select information to display on cluster.

Engine Oil Change Interval

Alerts when it's time to change the engine.

Welcome Sound

Provides an audible tone when the cluster turns on or off.

Speedometer Subscale

Display of a secondary speedometer scale underneath the primary scale.


An alarm in the vehicle, guidance sound and welcome sound are generated from external amplifier. If you replace the amplifier with a non-genuine part or replace the speakers with an non-genuine part, the amplifier may not work.


  1. Press [Climate] on the vehicle settings screen.


  1. Press the desired item.

Recirculate Air

Blocks the flow of outside air into the vehicle cabin.

Automatic Ventilation

Switches the ventilation system to Fresh Air mode automatically after an extended use of Recirculate Air.

Defog/Defrost Options

Directs air to the windshield to reduce moisture on the windshield glass.

Climate Features

Activates the convenience functions for climate control.


  1. Press [Seat] on the vehicle settings screen.


  1. Press the desired item.

Seat Position Change Alert

When the seat position changes, the change information is displayed on the seat image.

Seat Switch Alert

Details of the seat switch control and position change are shown with a seat image.

Smart Posture Care

The smart posture care suggests driving postures based on body type and displays the results of clinical testing on the back.

Heated/Ventilated Features

Seating Easy Access

Ergo-Motion Seat


  1. Press [Lights] on the vehicle settings screen.


  1. Press the desired item.

Ambient Light

Select [Brightness]/[Color] for setting the interior mood lighting.

One Touch Turn Signal

Select the number of blinks of turn signal by touching the turn signal lever. Select [7 flashes]/[5 flashes]/[3 flashes]/[Off].

Intelligent High Beams

Select the vehicle speed at which the feature activates, or set to disable the feature. Select [Faster than 60 km/h]/[Faster than 40 km/h]/[Faster than 20 km/h]/[Off].

Headlight Delay

When the ignition is turned off, the exterior lights turn off after approximately 15 seconds.

High Beam Assist

Assists in reducing the high beam glare which affects drivers in oncoming vehicles.


  1. Press [Door/Tailgate] on the vehicle settings screen.


  1. Press the desired item.

Auto Lock

Select the timing for automatic locking all doors. Select [Enable on Speed]/[Enable on Shift]/[Off].

Auto Unlock

Select the timing for automatic unlocking all doors. Select [On Shift to P]/[Vehicle Off]/[Off].

2 Press Unlock

Unlocks all doors when the unlock button is pressed twice. (Press once to unlock driver door only)

Power Tailgate

The power tailgate button can be used to automatically open/close the tailgate.

Power Tailgate Opening Speed

Selects the speed the power tailgate automatically moves. Selects [Fast]/[Slow].

Power Tailgate Opening Height

Selects the maximum height of the power tailgate. Selects [Full Open]/[Level 3]/[Level 2]/[Level 1]/[User Height Setting].

Smart Tailgate

Opens the tailgate automatically when approaching the tailgate with the smart key.

Digital Key

  1. Press [Digital Key] on the vehicle settings screen.


  1. Press the desired item.


  1. Press [Convenience] on the vehicle settings screen.


  1. Press the desired item.

Rear Occupant Alert

Provides an alert to the driver that passengers are in the rear seat of the vehicle.

Cabin Ventilation Alert

Provide alert to help checking the cabin temperature when the driver stays for one hour in a parked vehicle.

Welcome Mirror/Light

Enables/disables the auto-fold outside mirrors and welcome light.

Wireless Charging System

Enables the wireless charging pad to be used with compatible devices. select [Front]/[Rear].

Advanced Anti-Theft

Provides an alert when movement is detected in the passenger compartment after the vehicle is locked.

Auto Rear Wiper (in R)

Activates the rear windshield wiper automatically when the front wiper is on and the gear is in reverse.