Genesis Connected Services

Genesis Connected Services

Before using Genesis Connected Services

What is Genesis Connected Services?

The telematics service by Genesis Connected Services supporting not only the security, the diagnosis and the remote control, but also the more comfortable and fund driving experience through smartphone connection based on the most advanced IT system.

Experience Smarter Driving with Genesis Connected Services.

Regarding Wireless Signal Transmission and Reception

Genesis Connected Services communicates with Genesis Connected Services System using the mobile communication network so that the service can be limited depending the environment of mobile communication network operated by the mobile communication service provider.

Check the icon (3_GCS_ICON_ANTENNA.png) at the top status bar for the radio transmission/reception condition.

When the antenna bars indicating the radio condition are 4 or more, the condition is optimal to use Genesis Connected Services system.

Some impacts to the Genesis Connected Services phone call, the Genesis Connected Services Center connection and/or the transmission/reception of wireless data can be expected at the following locations:

Genesis Connected Services

Genesis Connected Services features are available when the service is subscribed. Additional costs may occur by using Genesis Connected Services. Depending on the subscription plan, the available features may differ.

  1. Press [Connected Service] on the home screen.


  1. Select a desired item.


Based on the vehicle location, the current location weather information and the destination weather information set in the vehicle is provided in real time. A user can see weather information for today or for three days.

Checking the weather today

Displays live weather information on the screen.

Press [Connected Services] > [Weather] on the home screen.


Checking daily forecast

Displays live weather information for today/1 day later/2 day later.

Press [Connected Services] > [Weather] > [Forecast] on the home screen.


Location Sharing

The location information can be shared for 60 minutes or EAT +30 minutes in real-time to another person by entering his/her phone number.

Location Sharing

  1. Press [Connected Service] > [Location Shareing] > [Share Location] on the home screen.


  1. Enter the number of receiver and the name or number of sender and Press [Share].


  1. Press [Share] > [Agree] when you share location.


  • A list of currently sharing a location is not available for deleting. Deleting is enabled after canceling of terminating the sharing.
  • Location sharing is available for max. 15 persons.
  • Location sharing List saves max. 15 items. If exceeded, the last shared item is automatically deleted first.
  • If the vehicle is turned off, Location Sharing is stopped after 5 seconds.
  • (3_GCS_ICON_MYCAR.png) is specified at the top right of the screen during location sharing.
  • The location/remaining time/distance may not be accurate due to the network conditions or others.

Sending Location Sharing

A user can share user's vehicle location to the other person who wants user's car location, show calling list and details, reshare, cancel, and delete.


Receiving Location Sharing

A user can receive the location shared by the other person and show the reception list and details, and select the current location/destination of the other person to set the destination in the navigation.


Editing Location Sharing

You can change the sender, recipient, and message for ended items in the Location sharing list.

  1. Press [Connected Service] > [Location Sharing] on the home screen.


  1. Select a phone no. from the ones registered in the list.


  1. If you want to edit the list, press [Edit].


  1. After editing the desired item, press [Share] to share the location with the edited content.



You can not edit the phone number while sharing, but you can edit it after unsharing and canceling.

Cancelling Location Sharing

  1. Press [Connected Service] > [Location Sharing] on the home screen.


  1. Press [Stop Sharing].


  1. Select the desired item, Press [Delete] > [Yes].

Deleting Location Sharing

  1. Press [Connected Service] > [Location Sharing] on the home screen.


  1. Press [Menu] > [Delete].


  1. Select the desired item, Press [Delete] > [Yes].


A list of currently sharing a location is not available for deleting. Deleting is enabled after canceling of terminating the sharing.

pick up mode

This function is to send the location where you want to pick up via MY GENESIS app.

You can set the destination or waypoint on the pop-up. The received location is displayed on the screen or on the split screen.



If you want to use this function, press [픽업 위치 전송하기] on MY GENESIS app.


Through MY GENESIS app, it proceeds with linking with calendar (Google, iCloud) that customer uses first.

Press [Connected Services] > [Calendar] on the home screen.


Searching Destination

If there is place information in the schedule details screen, the place information is searched by navigation when the user selects the search destination button.


Event Notification

The schedule notification pop up is provided according to the pre-populated notification time setting.


Calendar event and location sharing

When setting a destination and navigating a route, the estimated arrival time is later than the appointment time information, a popup will be provided to link the location sharing service to the user with instructions that they may be late.



Baseball/football/basketball/volleyball/golf league match results and information are provided in real time. Yesterday’s results is provided before noon, and after noon, information on today’s scheduled games is provided.

Press [Connected Services] > [Sports] on the home screen.


Setting My Teams

After selecting the teams users are interested in for each event, press the OK button to set the selected teams as the interest teams. Teams set up as interest teams will be marked with an asterisk, and Selected team can be checked first on the screen. Match information for selected team can be checked first.

  1. Press [Menu] > [My Teams Setting] on the home screen.


  1. If you select the desired team, it is registered as my team. And you can check the information of the registered team first.


Vehicle Diagnostics

Automatically checks the vehicle for any failure and provides the vehicle diagnostics to the driver. Switching the screen automatically cancels the vehicle diagnostics.

  1. Press [Connected Service] > [Vehicle Diagnostics] on the home screen.

Any necessary item for inspection are specified after vehicle diagnostics.


  1. Check the specified item and connect a service center by pressing [Nearby Service Center] or [Service Link].


Genesis Connected Services Settings

Service Activation

The menu to start the Genesis Connected Services subscription for a new vehicle. The subscription process may require max. 5 minutes. Do not turn off the engine during the subscription process. Contact customer center (1899-5100) in case of a subscription failure. No control is available during the subscription process.

  1. Press [Connected Service] > [Connected Settings] > [Service Activation] on the home screen.


  1. Press [Activate].


  1. Press [OK] when the message of completion.


  • The subscription process requires max. 5 minutes.
  • Do not turn off the engine during the subscription process.
  • Contact Genesis Connected Services Center in case of a subscription failure. (1899-5100).
  • Hard key on the head unit is not functional during the subscription process.

Modem Information

Shows information on phone no./USIM/IMEI.

Press [Connected Service] > [Connected Settings] > [Modem Information] on the home screen.