Starting Navigation

General Information on Navigation

Precautions for Safety


  • What is Map Matching?

A feature that marks the vehicle on the most suitable road by comparing with the current location information acquired by using GPS information and others and the roads driven until now.

  • What is GPS (Global Positioning System)?

GPS is a navigation system that checks the current location (Longitude and Latitude) of user using 4 or more, or some times 3 satellites. This navigation system is applied along with GPS information and various sensors and road maps for negation.


Regarding Maps

Information on roads, locations, facilities and fees may differ from actual conditions at the time of map data update.

The tollgate fares advised according to the company of toll road may differ from the actual prices. (Various discounts/Surcharges, etc.)


  • Continuous information collections and field investigations on road improvements and new road constructions are performed to provide accurate information as much as possible for map productions. However, roads, location names, facility information and fees frequently changes so that errors on road formations, names of roads and facilities and fees cannot be completely avoided. Please be aware of such nature when use.
  • Roads including sections of widths less than 3 m are not recorded in the map storage media in principle. Roads determined to include sections of widths less than 3 m by official surveys can be removed when the map database is updated.

When GPS Information is not available

In the following cases, GPS Information may not be available.