Wireless Update

Wireless Update

Downloads and installs the latest map and software automatically through wireless update.

After update, you can check the result by scanning QR code.

The images displayed on the screen can be differ from the actual one.

If you have signed up for Genesis Connected Services, the system is updated automatically when turning on the engine whenever there is a latest version.

  1. When turning on the engine, the update file is downloaded and the download icon is displayed in top right of the screen.


  1. After finishing download, software and navigation are updated and the update icon is displayed in top right of the screen.


  1. After update, a message turns up for the last step.


  1. The navigation system will restart and during the installation of the latest software of it, all functions including the rear camera are restricted.
  2. Press [System Info] > [What's New] on the general settings screen to check the update information after completing the update.


  • This function is offered during the subscription on Genesis Connected Services.
  • Even if the engine is turned off and on again during update, update is resumed.
  • What's New is not displayed right after purchasing the vehicle or in case that update has never been performed.
  • If the system failed update, the wireless update is performed automatically when next latest version is distributed.