Valet Mode

For privacy, disable the operation via the monitor or button when the valet mode is set. You can check the vehicle information through a MY GENESIS app.

The vehicle information provided is as follows.

Turn on Valet mode

  1. Press [Valet mode] on the home screen.
  2. Enter your four-digit password. (Password is the value set by the user.)


  1. Enter the same 4-digit password again.


  1. When the the valet mode is set, you can check the vehicle information in MY GENESIS app.


Turn off Valet mode

If you want to turn off valet mode, enter the four-digit password used to set the valet mode or use MY GENESIS app.

(If you fail to enter the password five times, you can only unlock it through the Genesis Connected Services center or the MY GENESIS app.)


To use the valet mode, you must install MY GENESIS app in a smartphone after activating Genesis Connected Services.