Before using Genesis Carpay

What is Genesis Carpay?

This is a simple payment service that allows you to conveniently pay for gas and parking fees with a card registered in the exclusive app without cash or a card at affiliated stores with just the touch of the navigation screen.

Regarding Wireless Signal Transmission and Reception

Genesis Carpay communicates with Genesis Carpay System using the mobile communication network so that the service can be limited depending the environment of mobile communication network operated by the mobile communication service provider.

Check the icon (3_GCS_ICON_ANTENNA.png) at the top status bar for the radio transmission/reception condition.

When the antenna bars indicating the radio condition are 4 or more, the condition is optimal to use Genesis Carpay system.

Some impacts to the Genesis Carpay phone call, the Genesis Carpay connection and/or the transmission/reception of wireless data can be expected at the following locations:

Genesis Carpay menu

The Genesis Carpay function is available after a user sign up for a service.

Sign-up for the service is available in the Genesis Carpay application.

  1. Press [G-CARPAY] on the home screen. The Genesis Carpay is available with the message 'Available' displayed at the bottom.


  1. A user can check the gas station and parking lot where the Genesis Carpay is available and set it as the destination.



If the message "Available" is not found at the bottom of the [G-CARPAY] menu, please check the following.

  • Check the status of the Genesis Carpay sing-up.
  • Install the Genesis Carpay application on user's smartphone and sign up for the service.
  • Check the registration of payment card and selection of payment vehicle.
  • Register the payment card in the Genesis Carpay application and select the payment vehicle.
  • Check the user profile settings.
  • Link the connected service account to the user profile and log in to that profile.
  • User profile settings are available in [HOME] > [Setup] > [User Profile].

How to pay for Genesis Carpay

Refueling Fee Payment

  1. Arrive at the gas station where Genesis Carpay is available and enter the payment screen. There are three ways to enter the payment screen.



  1. Select fuel type, cost/quantity, payment card, point what you want to use and press [Pay].


  1. Enter the payment password.


  1. Depending on the type of gas station, complete the payment as follows.




  • Genesis Carpay payment screen is available around affiliated stores.
  • If a user presses [G-CARPAY] on the home screen, the user can check the affiliated stores around the current vehicle and set them as the destination.
  • Use/accumulate points can be made after linking membership in Genesis Carpay application and setting membership points to use/accumulate by affiliates in advance.
  • Use/accumulate points is subject to each affiliates' point policy.
  • If a user fills up the fuel by selecting [Fill Up] from the amount/fuel amount menu, there may be restrictions on using points.
  • Genesis CarPay member stores displayed on the map screen is available when you check the gas station in the POI display and uncheck [Auto Display when Gas/LPG is Needed]. For more details, refer to the "POI".

Parking Fee Payment

  1. Park in the parking lot where Genesis Carpay is available. When entering an affiliated parking lot, the information on the affiliated stores such as basic/extra charge will be provided.


  1. Press [Yes] in the payment pop-up window that appears if a user starts when the user leaves.


  1. Check the parking fee, select the payment card and press [Pay].


  1. Select the discount voucher and points a user wants to use. Enter the payment password to complete the payment.


  1. After the payment is checked at the fare clearing station, a user can leave automatically.


  • To enter the payment screen, select Genesis Carpay affiliated parking lot on the map screen, press [4_G_CARPAY_ICON_PAY.jpg] or [Menu] > [G-Carpay] to proceed.
  • When adding a fee, such as a delay in leaving after payment is completed, a user have to pay separately at the fare clearing station.
  • When [Discount Coupon] is selected for payment, if a user submits a paper discount voucher to the fare clearing station when the user leave, the corresponding amount will be partially cancelled. The details of partial cancellation can be checked in two to three business days according to the policy of the credit card company, if a user can't check it, please contact the credit card company's customer center.
  • If a user register the parking fee reduction conditions (a national merit, a sincere taxpayer, etc.) as follows, the payment amount will automatically reflect the reduced amount.
  • Run iParking application > [메뉴] > [내 정보] > [감면 조건 관리] > [+] button > Select conditions for reduction and proceed with registration.
  • For inquiries regarding reduction conditions, please contact iParking customer center. (1588-5783)
  • Use/accumulate points is subject to each affiliates' point policy.
  • Genesis CarPay member stores displayed on the map screen is available when you check the gas station in the POI display and uncheck [Auto Display when Gas/LPG is Needed]. For more details, refer to the "POI".

Guide on Using Genesis Carpay

Service activation

Download the Genesis Carpay application and sign up for the service in the order below.

  1. Download the Genesis Carpay application
  1. Run the application to enter the sign-up instruction screen.
  2. Proceed with Genesis account member sign-up and email login.
  3. After logging in, make sure the vehicle is signed up for Genesis Connected Services. Press [연결하기] to sign up for the Genesis Connected Service.
  4. Once a user has completed the above steps, the user will be able to sign up for the Genesis Carpay. Follow the instructions in the application to sign up for the service.



  • Only individual members who can authenticate themselves can sign up.
  • Once a user has signed up for the Genesis Connected Service, the user can sign up for the Genesis Carpay.
  • Application images may differ from actual ones.

Select payment vehicle

Select a payment vehicle to pay with Genesis Carpay.

Only one payment vehicle can be selected at a time, for security reasons, the Genesis Carpay service is only available on vehicles that have been selected for payment.

Select a payment vehicle in the order below.

  1. On the Genesis Carpay application home screen, check the list of vehicles connected to the Genesis connected service. Press the [결제 차량 선택하기] button of the vehicle a user wants to select as the 'payment vehicle' in the vehicle list.
  2. Enter the representative owner name and vehicle number of the selected vehicle.Registration of vehicle number is completed only with the same as vehicle registration information.
  3. Payment vehicle is selected. The Genesis Carpay is now available for the vehicle in 'Vehicle Payment On'.



To create a 'vehicle payment on' condition, all of the following conditions must be satisfied.

  • Select the payment vehicle in the Genesis Carpay application.
  • Set a user profile on the navigation of the selected vehicle as the payment vehicle.
  • Press [Setup] > [User profile] on the home screen to enter the user profile setting screen.
  • Select user's profile and click [Link Connected Services Account] to link user's account to user's profile.

Register payment card

Register the payment card to pay with Genesis Carpay.

User can register user's credit/check card in user's name.

  1. Press [카드 추가하기] button at the top of the Genesis Carpay application home screen.
  2. Recognize the card number of the card to be registered with the camera. If not recognized, press the [직접입력하기] button to enter the card information.
  3. Enter the payment password. A user can set one payment password per credit card company.
  4. Lastly register user card's byname and signature. The card name is displayed on the navigation screen with the registered by name.



  • A user can register up to 5 payment cards.
  • Affiliate cards and types of cards that can be registered can be found at

Register and set up membership

To use and accumulate membership points for payment, membership must be registered in the Genesis Carpay application and membership by used place must be set.

  1. In the Genesis Carpay application, press the [메뉴] > Membership Right [+] button to register the membership.
  2. After registering user membership, set up the membership points to use/accumulate by used place in [메뉴] > [포인트 사용 설정].



If a user does not set the points by used place, the user cannot use/accumulate the membership points when paying with Genesis Carpay.

Check payment details

Use reports

To more intuitively check the details of payments made with Genesis Carpay, a use report is provided.

Select [사용리포트] at the bottom of the Genesis Carpay application and check it.

Use details

A user can check the payment details with Genesis Carpay in more detail.


Other General Inquiries

Any inquiry on Genesis Carpay subscription is consulted on Genesis Carpay Center (1899-3335) or Genesis Website.

Genesis website ( > Customer support

Call Genesis Carpay center (1899-3335) and then follow the ARS guide.