Listening to radio

Radio screen composition


1 a

Moves to the home screen or the previous screen.

2 Home screen

Moves to the home screen.

3 Menu

Displays pop-up menu of each mode.


Selects the FM or AM.

5 Voice recognition

Moves to the voice recognition screen.

6 QLS (Quantum Logic Surround)

Shows the sound modes.

7 Frequency dial

Tunes the frequency manually.

8 Preset list

Displays saved radio stations.

9 Radio Information

Shows the radio station you are currently listening to.

10 Control panel

11 Kakao i

Checks the information of currently playing music.

Activating radio mode

  1. Press the [RADIO] button on the head unit. Or press [Radio] on the home screen.


  1. The last listened mode among FM or AM plays.


  • Press the [RADIO] button on the head unit to change to the desired mode.
  • Each time a button is pressed, the radio mode is switched.

Selecting the station

Manually selecting the station

Automatically selecting the station

Selecting a frequency with voice recognition

If you change the language displayed on the system to English, the voice recognition feature is not supported.

Change the system language to Korean.

  1. Press [P] in FM or AM mode.
  2. Say the radio frequency or radio station name.

Station list

You can see broadcast station list with superior reception.

  1. Press the desired radio mode.
  2. Press [Menu] > [Station List].


  1. Press the desired station.


  • Press [Menu] > [Refresh] to automatically search for stations with good reception.
  • Press [Menu] > [Save All] to save all radio stations displayed in the list to the preset list.

Radio broadcast favourites

Saving the station to preset

Save the desired station to preset.

  1. Press the desired radio mode.
  2. Select a station desired to save.


  1. Press [K].

Deleting presets

  1. Press the desired radio mode.
  2. Press [Menu] > [Delete Presets].


  1. Select the desired item, press [Delete] > [Yes].

Scanning radio station

All stations are scanned, and only stations with good reception are played every 5 seconds.

  1. Press the desired radio mode.
  2. Press [Menu] > [Scan FM] or [Scan AM].



When the scan is operating, press [Stop] will stop the function and remain on the stopped station.

Kakao i history

Checks the history of searches with Kakao i.

  1. Press the desired radio mode.
  2. Press [Menu] > [Kakao i History].



You must activate to the Genesis connected services to use this function.

Adjusting the FM radio noise

  1. In FM mode, press [Menu] > [Radio Noise].
  2. For more details, refer to the "Sound settings".

Sound settings

  1. Press [Menu] > [Sound Settings] on the radio screen.
  2. For more details, refer to the "Sound settings".